Editorial Team

Editorial Collective

Jenna Blower, Managing Editor

Celia Ringstrom, Section Editor: Research

Jocelyn Torres, Section Editor: Blog and Social Media

Maisha Mustanzir, Section Editor: Reviews and Creative Works

Kathe Gray, Production Editor: Journal Design & Composition


Past Editorial Collective Members

Raheleh Abbasinejad (2019-2020), Parinaz Adib (2013-2017), Cameron Butler (2019-2021), Isabella Chawrun (2019-2020), Julien Cossette (2013-2015), Meredith Evans (2017-2019), Mikayla Hjorngaard (2019-2021), Dayna Jeffrey (2015), Vishwaveda Joshi (2017-2018), Marion Lougheed (2018-2020), Divy Puvimanasinghe (2018-2019), Nadine Ryan (2017-2019), Janita Van Dyk (2015-2017), Ana Speranza (2019-2020), Katie Squires (2018-2019), Isabel Sobotkiewicz (2019-2020), Andrea Vitopoulos (2013-2017), Melanie Zhang (2016-2017)